Gossamer and Dandelions

“Where is that veil?” Gram wondered aloud as she rooted through the contents of her old cedar chest. Bending over her ample stomach hampered her breath and made it difficult to talk, so she leaned back, inhaled deeply and continued, “You can’t have a wedding without a veil. At least, you can’t have a bride–not a proper one–without a veil.”

“Gram, you know I hate being proper. I don’t need a veil. I’m not sure I need a wedding.”

“Don’t say that, Tabby. It’s unholy.”

“Well, I don’t want the kind of wedding that is full of rules and proper behavior. I want a wedding with sunshine and friends and you, of course. I will wear something flowing that moves in the breeze while I am saying I do. You can give me away, and Tipsy will be our best man. I’ll carry dandelions. Even some of the white puffy ones to make a wish on.” She puckered her lips and blew on an imaginary dandelion.

“Now, Tabby, having that cat as your best man just won’t do. He probably won’t even show up, and if he does, he’d probably decide to bathe himself during the ceremony. That would just be tacky!”

“Oh, Gram, you worry too much! My gown will be gossamer, I’ll go barefoot, I’ll carry dandelions, and Tipsy will be a splendid best man. I’ll even wear your veil if you can find it. And I intend to live happily ever after. I don’t see why I shouldn’t. I live quite happily now, so if I don’t make any sudden turns, everything should be perfect.”

“My goodness, Tabby, what do you think marriage is? It’s one of the most sudden turns you can make.”


This is my entry in this week’s Trifecta Challenge using the the 3rd definition of the word ample.
Made with real cheese for that melt-in-your-mouth flavor you can’t resist.


About paulajwray

I am a writer and I live in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Colorado with my husband and a balding black cat. I write humor, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, inspirational essays, and poetry. When I'm not writing, making lists, or forcing a family member to listen to something I've written, I'm reading, gardening, or laughing with my friends. I also, occasionally, sit and stare.
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19 Responses to Gossamer and Dandelions

  1. jannatwrites says:

    A cat for a best man made me smile (as did the character’s name – Tabby). Love the cat theme 🙂

    Gram does have a point; marriage is a sudden turn.

  2. Wisper says:

    Nice. I love the scene you painted here – especially the contrast between Grandma’s propriety and Tabby’s free spiritedness. Beautiful.

  3. Jen Gienke says:

    That last sentence. Brilliant. It completely makes the story. Now, what happens next?

  4. deanabo says:

    My goodness, Tabby, what do you think marriage is? It’s one of the most sudden turns you can make.” I love this line. Its so true.

  5. Paula J says:

    Thank you. And it’s one turn after the other.

  6. Annabelle says:

    I love the cat as best man. I’m not sure who has the better grasp of reality here, grandmother or granddaughter, but I like the granddaughter’s vision of life.

  7. I, Rodius says:

    I hope marriage is everything Tabby wants it to be, but there’s a lot of textbook and instruction manual mixed in with the poetry and fairy tale. A beautifully self-contained story, well done.

  8. lumdog says:

    I loved the way you had the characters give both points of view.Your wrote very convincing dialogue and what scares me, I found myself agreeing with both of them! BTW, having the cat as best man is perfect! This is very well done.

  9. Trifecta says:

    I love this!

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