What Would June Do?

June would never loll about like this.

June would never loll about like this.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am not June Cleaver. June was always busy with her housewife-ly duties. Never once did the camera catch her, still in her nightgown, reading a trashy novel in the middle of the morning. Nope. She was always dressed from pearls down to pumps, along with a cute little apron, serving up that nourishing breakfast for Ward and the boys. Or vacuuming. She did a lot of vacuuming. Maybe the sponsor for “Leave it to Beaver” was Electrolux. If not, they missed a good opportunity.

I wonder if June had a chore chart to make sure she got it all done. It must have been better than any of mine. I’ve tried all kinds of plans–Do everything one day a week; Do a little each day; Do nothing and catch up just before company arrives.

From what June showed us of her personality, she liked housekeeping. Why else would she get dressed up for it? And maybe that’s my problem. I don’t much like it. Don’t get me wrong. I love a clean and orderly house. I just don’t like what you have to do to get one.

And there always seems to be something I’d rather do. Like gardening or reading or going somewhere with a friend. I never saw June doing any of that. Oh, once in awhile she would sit on the couch in the evening and share the newspaper with Ward. Big deal.

Like, right now, I should be doing something other than writing. I should be asking myself, “WWJD” What would June do? I can hear Dust and Grime settling in around me, making remarks like, “You only have yourself to blame if it’s twice as hard to clean us up when you finally get around to it.”

But I keep on writing. I don’t own any high heels, and my pearls need to be restrung.


About paulajwray

I am a writer and I live in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Colorado with my husband and a balding black cat. I write humor, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, inspirational essays, and poetry. When I'm not writing, making lists, or forcing a family member to listen to something I've written, I'm reading, gardening, or laughing with my friends. I also, occasionally, sit and stare.
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9 Responses to What Would June Do?

  1. theprotherosofpiousplace says:

    Oh man! I don’t relate with June either. I like your list of ways to get the house work done. I seem to fall more toward the cram it all in right before company shows up. :). Maybe if i had a pair of pumps and a string of pearls…

  2. Debbie says:

    I like it 🙂 And June never wrote stuff like this, so….

  3. stretch4him says:

    I think we could be missing a great marketing idea here girls! Let’s package those chore lists etc with a string of pearls and a pair of pumps . . . maybe throw in a cute little apron.

    • Paula J Wray says:

      Maybe do an As Seen on TV ad with clips from the Leave it to Beaver show. Have your people get in touch with my people.

      • stretch4him says:

        Perfect, well, practically perfect to quote Mary Poppins. Another apron wearer although she did wear boots, not sneakers or pumps. As Seen on TV would be an excellent launch for this type of product. Then there would be the spin off product line for hats, umbrellas, frilly dresses etc. The real problem is that this product launch would take up all your time and those leisurely moments with a good book would be a distant memory. What’s a girl to do?

  4. Jesse says:

    We had an instructor in Bible school who said that your attitude could be influenced by your outfit and that’s why she got all fixed up first thing in the morning so that everything else she did that day would be excellent. It does help. I feel more prepared for the day with a sturdy pair of jeans and some good solid boots but I always forget to do my hair. That explains the cowlick parts of my day.

  5. jannatwrites says:

    This was funny! I remember watching reruns of that show and thinking, “is she for real?” (no, no she’s not!) I’m pretty sure June wouldn’t let 2 years of dust settle on the ceiling fans… I really need to get the ladder out and take care of that, but then I’ll have to vacuum the furniture and floors… so instead, I read blogs. Pretty sure June would shake her head with disapproval.

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